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Baby Names Articles

In this section, you’ll find articles about baby names written by the staff at Baby Names Garden. Articles will be added every month, so be sure to keep an eye on this section. We’ll be covering such topics as baby names trends; unique baby names; meanings and origins; Irish baby names; issues for twins and multiples; baby naming tips; traditional versus cool names, biblical baby names, and much more. Click on a  title below to read the full article.

  • Parental Responsibility in Naming Multiples

    If naming twins or multiples is in your future, you won't want to miss this important and insightful article by multiple birth educator Lynda P. Haddon, about things to be aware of when dealing with this unique situation.

  • Green Baby Names

    Here's help if you want to choose a “green” baby name for your upcoming child – a name that will really embody some aspect of the environmental movement!

  • Baby Names From Mount Holyoke College

    We often think we do things differently than previous generations. When it comes to baby names, most people seem to think that unique, weird, and made-up names are a modern development. But are they? Read on to find out!

  • The Bad Baby Names Phenomenon

    Bad baby names seem to be more popular than ever. Not only are there websites, blogs, and forums dedicated to bad baby names, but now the books are starting to appear. What is so special about bad baby names, and why are people so interested in them? Read this article to find out!

  • Popular Biblical Baby Names

    Biblical baby names are as popular as ever, and their origin and meaning gives them an added appeal. Behind every biblical name is a story -- not just the meaning of the name itself, but of its place in the bible. In this article, we look at the origin and meaning of six of the most popular biblical baby names for boys and girls.

  • Understanding Irish Baby Names

    Where does the name Sean come from? Does Aoife really mean Eva in English? What makes a name Irish? No other category of baby names leads to as much confusion as Irish baby names. From Celtic to Gaelic, from Viking to Norman, successive cultures have created a rich, but confusing tapestry of Irish names. This article gives you an overview of baby names from Ireland, and sets you on the path to choosing the right one for your baby.

  • Unisex Baby Names 1995 - 2005

    From 1995 to 2005, the number of unisex baby names in the Top 1000 Most Popular names list fell by 20%. The trend continues today.

  • Can Your Name Shape Your Destiny?

    Since ancient times, people have believed that your name can shape your destiny. But can it? And if so, can knowing the hidden power of a name help parents pick a “better” name for their baby?

  • Before You Choose Emily, Think What Happened To Lisa

    No doubt Emily is a hot name these days. It’s been number one on the girl’s list of top names since 1996. But before you finally decide on Emily, remember what happened to Lisa. And to Amanda, Heather and Brittany.

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We strive to bring you the most authoritative meanings for the names listed. We have drawn our lists from a variety of sources.
If you know an alternate meaning for any name, please , and we'll check it out.

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