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Biblical Baby Names

Biblical baby names are one of the most enduring, and best-loved choices of prospective parents all over the world. In the U.S., biblical names are as popular as ever, with the majority of the top ten boys' names being biblical in origin. For girls, the number is lower, due to a couple of factors. First, there are simply fewer girls' names in the bible to choose from. Second, girls' names are historically more varied than boys' names, so it's logical that fewer girls' names will come from the bible, or any other single source. Still, there are hundreds of beautiful biblical girls' names, so do not hesitate if you're looking for a female name rather than male!

A quick definition is in order. Strictly speaking, biblical names should refer only to the names of people who are mentioned in the bible. However, there are many names in use today that have biblical roots, although they are not necessarily the names of actual persons in the bible. Names like Bethany, Hope, or Grace fall into this category. In order to present the widest choice, our list of biblical baby names includes both types. If you would like to find more names, try our Advanced Search tool. In the box for "origin" click on "Hebrew." Hebrew names are not necessarily biblical names, but there is a lot of overlap. You may also be interested in our guest interview with Judith Tropea, author of Biblical Baby Names. Finally, be sure to look at our article called Popular Biblical Baby Names -- it covers the origin and meaning of some of the most popular names in a bit more detail than our main database.

Biblical Baby Names

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