Microsoft Is Fodder For Baby Names

Some days, it seems like the search for unique baby names knows no limits.

This time, it’s allegedly a Vice President of Microsoft, Bil Simser, who has charted new baby naming territory. According to a post in the Windows Vista Magazine, Simser’s new daughter is named Vista Avalon.

Vista is the name of Microsoft’s new Windows Operating System, and Avalon is the code name for Windows Presentation Foundation (whatever that is).

The post in Windows Vista Magazine lists the reasons behind this unusual name, taken from Simser’s own blog, which, strangely, does not appear to be online at this time. I don’t believe a Microsoft V.P. can’t find a decent hosting company, so I’m assuming he took the blog down himself.

Maybe he discovered that naming kids after computer products gets more negative attention than he expected…


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  1. Bil is not a vice-president. He doesn’t even work for Microsoft. He is an MVP which is a certification achievable by anyone. Let’s get the facts straight and not listen to hearsay.

    Comment by Matt — July 2, 2007 @ 10:30 am

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