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Names That Start With B,
Page 1

Name Origin Usage
Baba African African
Baderinwa African African
Badru African African
Bai Chinese Chinese
Bailee Middle English English
Baileigh Middle English English
Bailey Middle English English
Bailey Middle English English
Bancroft Old English English, preppy
Barak Hebrew Biblical, Jewish
Barbara Greek English, Italian, French, Germ ...
Barker English English
Barnabas Greek/Aramaic English, German, Biblical
Barrett Middle English English
Barry Gaelic Irish, English
Bartholomew Hebrew English, biblical
Baruch Hebrew Jewish, biblical
Basil Greek English
Bathsheba Hebrew Biblical
Beatrice Latin Italian, French, English
Beatrix Latin English, German
Beatriz Spanish Spanish, Portugese
Beau French English
Beckett Old English English
Becky English English
Belen Spanish Spanish
Belinda Unclear English
Bella Italian England
Bellatrix Latin Latin
Belle French English
Ben English English
Benedict Latin English
Benjamin Hebrew English, French, German, Hunga ...
Bennett English English
Bennie English English
Benny English English
Beowulf Anglo-Saxon Rare
Berenice Greek English, Italian
Bernadette French French, English
Bernard Germanic English, French, Polish

Baby Names Starting with the Letter B.

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We strive to bring you the most authoritative meanings for the names listed. We have drawn our lists from a variety of sources.
If you know an alternate meaning for any name, please , and we'll check it out.

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