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Names That Start With E,
Page 1

Name Origin Usage
Eabha Irish Irish
Eamon Irish Irish
Earl Old English English
Earle Anglo-Saxon English
Earnest English English
Easter English English
Easton Old English English
Ebenezer Hebrew Biblical, English
Ebo African African
Eboni English English, esp. American
Ebony English English
Edan Celtic Irish, Scottish
Eddie English English
Eddy Old English English
Eden Hebrew English
Eden Hebrew English
Edgardo Old English Spanish
Edison Old English English
Edith Old English English
Edmond French French
Edmund Old English English, German
Edna Hebrew Biblical
Eduardo Old English Spanish, Portugese
Edward Old English English
Edwin Old English English
Efrain Hebrew Spanish
Efren Hebrew English
Egbert Anglo-Saxon Rare
Eileen Irish Irish, English
Eimear Gaelic Irish
Elaina Greek English, French
Elaine Greek English
Elder English English
Eldred Anglo-Saxon Old English
Eldridge Germanic English
Eleanor Old French English
Eleanora Old French Italian
Elena Greek Italian, Spanish, Russian
Eleni Greek Greek
Eli Hebrew Jewish, English, biblical

Baby Names Starting with the Letter E.

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We strive to bring you the most authoritative meanings for the names listed. We have drawn our lists from a variety of sources.
If you know an alternate meaning for any name, please , and we'll check it out.

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