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Baby Names Meanings Starting With F - page 1

Name Origin Meaning


Fabia Ancient Roman Fabia is a feminin ... Add
Fabian Latin German variant of ... Add
Fabiola Ancient Roman Fabiola is a varia ... Add
Fabius Ancient Roman The meaning of the ... Add
Fabricio Latin The name Fabricio ... Add
Faith Latin Simply means "fait ... Add
Falconer Old French From the French wo ... Add
Fallon Irish The name Fallon, m ... Add
Fannie English Pet form of the na ... Add
Fanny English Pet form of the na ... Add
Farah Arabic The meaning of the ... Add
Farra Arabic The name Farra is ... Add
Farrah Arabic Farrah is a varian ... Add
Fatima Arabic To abstain. Add
Fawn English The name Fawn is t ... Add
Fawne English Variant of the nam ... Add
Faythe English Faythe is a varian ... Add
Fearghal Gaelic 'Manly valor.' Add
Federico German Spanish and Italia ... Add
Felicia Latin Feminine form of F ... Add
Felicity English Derived from the L ... Add
Felipe Greek The Spanish and Po ... Add
Felix Latin The meaning of the ... Add
Fergal Irish Anglicized version ... Add
Fern English The name Fern is s ... Add
Fernanda Spanish Spanish feminine f ... Add
Fernando Germanic Spanish and Portug ... Add
Fidel Latin From the Latin, "f ... Add
Findlay Scottish Findlay is derived ... Add
Finley Irish The name Finley me ... Add
Finley Irish More commonly used ... Add
Finn Gaelic The meaning of the ... Add
Finnegan Irish From an Irish surn ... Add
Finola Irish A variant of the n ... Add
Fiona Irish A female form of t ... Add
Fionn Irish Fair, pale. Add
Flannery Irish The name Flannery ... Add
Flannery Irish From an Irish surn ... Add
Fletcher Old French From a surname tha ... Add
Flick English Pet form of the na ... Add
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There are 64 baby names which begin with the letter F.

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