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Baby Names Meanings Starting With G - page 1

Name Origin Meaning


Gabriel Hebrew The meaning of Gab ... Add
Gabriela Hebrew Polish feminine fo ... Add
Gabriella Hebrew A feminine form of ... Add
Gabrielle Hebrew Feminine form of t ... Add
Gael Unclear Possibly "speaker ... Add
Gage Middle English To measure. Add
Gaia Greek The meaning of the ... Add
Gaige Middle English Alternate spelling ... Add
Gail English Abbreviation of Ab ... Add
Galahad Arthurian Legend Although the meani ... Add
Galen Greek From the Latinized ... Add
Galia Hebrew From the Hebrew wo ... Add
Galila Hebrew To 'roll away.' Add
Galya Hebrew 'Hill of God.' Add
Gamba African "Warrior." Shona l ... Add
Gannon Unknown The meaning of thi ... Add
Gareth Welsh The origin and mea ... Add
Garett Germanic Variant of the nam ... Add
Garret Germanic Variant of Garrett ... Add
Garrett Germanic Variant of the nam ... Add
Garrick Germanic The meaning of the ... Add
Garrison Middle English A "spear-fortified ... Add
Garry English Variant spelling o ... Add
Garth Old Norse Garth is an Old No ... Add
Gary Old English The meaning of the ... Add
Gaven Welsh Probably derived f ... Add
Gavin Welsh White hawk. Add
Gavyn Welsh A variant of Gavin ... Add
Gayle English Variant of Gail, w ... Add
Gene English Short for Eugene, ... Add
Genesis Greek Taken from a Greek ... Add
Genesis Greek Genesis is derived ... Add
Geneva English The origin and mea ... Add
Genevieve Unclear The name may be co ... Add
Geoffrey Germanic "Peace." Alternate ... Add
George Greek The meaning of the ... Add
Georgia Greek Feminine version o ... Add
Georgiana English Variant of the nam ... Add
Georgina Latin Feminine version o ... Add
Gerald Germanic Combination of Old ... Add
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There are 120 baby names which begin with the letter G.

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