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Baby Names Meanings Starting With H - page 1

Name Origin Meaning


Habib Arabic 'Beloved.' Add
Hadar Hebrew 'Glory.' Add
Hadassah Hebrew The meaning of the ... Add
Haden Old English Alternate spelling ... Add
Hadley Old English An Old English nam ... Add
Hadley Old English Originally a surna ... Add
Hadrian Latin Latin name meaning ... Add
Haidee Greek The name Haidee wa ... Add
Hailey Old English Variant of the nam ... Add
Hailie English Probably an altern ... Add
Hakeem Arabic Alternate spelling ... Add
Haleigh English Variant of the Old ... Add
Haley Old English Variant of the nam ... Add
Haley Old English The name Haley mea ... Add
Halie Old English A variant of the n ... Add
Halle Germanic A variant of the n ... Add
Hallie English A variant of the n ... Add
Ham Hebrew "Hot" or "Warm." I ... Add
Hamilton Old English Place-name and sur ... Add
Hamish Scottish The name Hamish is ... Add
Hamza Arabic Ancient Arabic nam ... Add
Hank English Nickname for Henry ... Add
Hanna Hebrew Variant of the nam ... Add
Hannah Hebrew The meaning of the ... Add
Hans German Variant of the Heb ... Add
Happy English Used primarily in ... Add
Harald Scandinavian Scandinavian versi ... Add
Harlan Old English Originally an Engl ... Add
Harley English "Hare meadow, clea ... Add
Harley English The name Harley me ... Add
Harmony Greek "Blending into the ... Add
Harold Old English The meaning of the ... Add
Harper Old English The name Harper co ... Add
Harper Old English From an old Englis ... Add
Harriet English A feminine form of ... Add
Harris English Originally a surna ... Add
Harrison English The name Harrison ... Add
Harry English Variant of the nam ... Add
Harvey Breton Harvey is a Breton ... Add
Hasani African "Handsome." Swahil ... Add
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There are 97 baby names which begin with the letter H.

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