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Names That Start With I,
Page 1

Name Origin Usage
Ian Scottish Scottish, English
Ibrahim Hebrew Arabic, Turkish
Ida Germanic English, German, Scandinavian, ...
Ilana Hebrew Jewish
Ilena English English
Ilene English English
Iliana Greek Spanish
Imani Swahili African
Imanol Hebrew Basque
Imelda Germanic Italian, Spanish
Immanuel Hebrew German
Imogen Gaelic English
India English English
Indigo Greek English
Indigo Greek English
Ingrid Old Norse Scandinavian, German
Innocent Latin English
Iola Greek Greek Mythology
Iole Greek
Ira Hebrew English, Jewish, biblical
Ireland Irish English
Irene Greek English, French, Scandinavian, ...
Iris Greek English, German
Irma Germanic German, English, Italian, Span ...
Irvin Germanic English, esp. American
Irvine English Scottish, English
Irving Scottish English, Scottish
Irwin English English
Isaac Hebrew English, Jewish, biblical
Isabel Spanish Spanish, Portugese, French, En ...
Isabela Spanish Spanish
Isabella Spanish English, Italian, Spanish, Dut ...
Isabelle Spanish English, French, German, Spani ...
Isaiah Hebrew English, Jewish, biblical
Isaias Hebrew Biblical
Ishmael Hebrew English, biblical
Isiah Hebrew English
Isidro Unclear Rare
Isis Egyptian Egyptian mythology
Isla Scottish

Baby Names Starting with the Letter I.

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We strive to bring you the most authoritative meanings for the names listed. We have drawn our lists from a variety of sources.
If you know an alternate meaning for any name, please , and we'll check it out.

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