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Baby Names Meanings Starting With J - page 1

Name Origin Meaning


Jabulani African Jabulani means "be ... Add
Jace Greek Short form of the ... Add
Jacey English Origin unclear. Ma ... Add
Jacinth Latin Hyacinth Add
Jack Old English The name Jack is u ... Add
Jackalyn English The name Jackalyn ... Add
Jackeline English Alternate spelling ... Add
Jackie English Pet form of Jack, ... Add
Jacklyn Hebrew A variant of the H ... Add
Jackson Old English Son of Jack. Add
Jaclyn English Abbreviation of Ja ... Add
Jacob Hebrew The meaning of the ... Add
Jacqueline Hebrew Feminine form of t ... Add
Jacquelyn French English variant of ... Add
Jacques French French form of Jac ... Add
Jada English Variant of the nam ... Add
Jade Spanish Taken from the wor ... Add
Jaden English The name Jaden sta ... Add
Jaden English New since 1990s. P ... Add
Jadon Hebrew Thankful. Add
Jadyn English Jadyn is a variant ... Add
Jadyn English A variant of the n ... Add
Jaeden English A variant of Jaden ... Add
Jael Hebrew The meaning of the ... Add
Jaelyn Unclear Feminine form of t ... Add
Jaelynn English Recent coinage, po ... Add
Jagger Old English An occupational na ... Add
Jago Cornish The Cornish form o ... Add
Jaida English Variant of Jade, f ... Add
Jaiden English Variant of the nam ... Add
Jaiden English The name is a vari ... Add
Jaidyn English Jaidyn is a varian ... Add
Jaidyn English Variant of the nam ... Add
Jailyn American A variant of Jalen ... Add
Jaime Spanish A Spanish variant ... Add
Jaime Hebrew Spanish form of th ... Add
Jaimee Spanish Spanish form of th ... Add
Jaimie Scottish Feminine, pet form ... Add
Jaimison English Jaimison is a vari ... Add
Jairo Unclear Origin is unclear. ... Add
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There are 282 baby names which begin with the letter J.

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