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Baby Names Meanings Starting With K - page 2

Name Origin Meaning


Kamron Gaelic Kamron is a varian ... Add
Kamryn Gaelic Kamryn is a varian ... Add
Kamryn Gaelic Variant of the nam ... Add
Kandace English Alternative spelli ... Add
Kandice English Alternative spelli ... Add
Kane Gaelic Anglicized form of ... Add
Kanisha English Modern coinage. Th ... Add
Kara Greek Nickname for the n ... Add
Karalyn American A variant of the F ... Add
Kareem Arabic Noble, generous. Add
Karen Greek Variant of the nam ... Add
Kari Greek Abbreviation of th ... Add
Karina Scandinavian Variant of the Lat ... Add
Karis English Alternate spelling ... Add
Karissa English Variant of the Gre ... Add
Karl German German form of Cha ... Add
Karla Germanic Feminine form of t ... Add
Karlee Germanic Variant of Carly. Add
Karley Germanic Variant of Carly, ... Add
Karli German Variant of Carly. Add
Karlie German Variant of Carly. Add
Karly German Variant of Carly, ... Add
Karol Germanic Polish and Slovak ... Add
Karson English Variant of Carson. Add
Kasandra Greek Variant of Cassand ... Add
Kasey Gaelic Kasey is a variant ... Add
Kasey Gaelic Variant of Casey, ... Add
Kasie English Variant of the Iri ... Add
Kasja English The meaning of the ... Add
Kassandra Greek Ancient Greek form ... Add
Kassidy Irish Variant of the Iri ... Add
Kassie English Abbreviation of Ca ... Add
Kat English Pet form of the na ... Add
Katarina Latin From the Greek nam ... Add
Kate English Abbreviation of th ... Add
Katelin Irish Variant of the Iri ... Add
Katelyn English Variant of the nam ... Add
Katelynn Greek Variant of the Iri ... Add
Katerina Russian A Russian form of ... Add
Katharine Greek The earliest usage ... Add
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There are 237 baby names which begin with the letter K.

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