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Baby Names Meanings Starting With K - page 4

Name Origin Meaning


Keenan Gaelic Anglicized form of ... Add
Kegan Gaelic Alternate spelling ... Add
Keifer German Variant of the nam ... Add
Keira Irish Feminine form of t ... Add
Keisha English Abbreviation of La ... Add
Keith Scottish The name Keith mea ... Add
Kelby Old Norse Kelby is an Old No ... Add
Kelcie Old English Variant of the nam ... Add
Kellen Gaelic Slender. Another p ... Add
Kelley English Variant of Kelly, ... Add
Kellie Irish Variant of Kelly, ... Add
Kelly Irish "Descendant of Cea ... Add
Kelly Irish "Descendant of Cea ... Add
Kelsea English Alternate spelling ... Add
Kelsey Old English Derived from a mas ... Add
Kelsey Old English Kelsey is derived ... Add
Kelsi English Variant of Kelsey. ... Add
Kelsie English Appears to be an a ... Add
Kelvin Scottish Originally a surna ... Add
Ken English Abbreviation of th ... Add
Kenan Hebrew The name Kenan is ... Add
Kendal Old English Alternate spelling ... Add
Kendal English Variant of Kendall ... Add
Kendall Old English A place name meani ... Add
Kendall Old English Kendall is a place ... Add
Kendell English Variant of the nam ... Add
Kendra Old English Feminine form of t ... Add
Kendrick Old English Derived from the O ... Add
Kenelm Old English Last popular in th ... Add
Kenisha English Modern coinage. Th ... Add
Kennedy Gaelic Although most peop ... Add
Kennedy Gaelic "Armored head" or ... Add
Kenneth Gaelic The meaning of the ... Add
Kenny English A nickname for the ... Add
Kent Old English A transferred surn ... Add
Kenton Old English From an old Englis ... Add
Kenyon English Based on an Englis ... Add
Kenzie English Abbreviation of Mc ... Add
Keon Irish Form of Ewan, from ... Add
Keona Unclear Keona is a variant ... Add
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There are 237 baby names which begin with the letter K.

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