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Baby Names Meanings Starting With K - page 5

Name Origin Meaning


Keri English Variant of the Iri ... Add
Kerri Irish Variant of Kerry. ... Add
Kerry Gaelic Taken from the nam ... Add
Kerry Irish Named for County K ... Add
Keturah Hebrew From the Hebrew, m ... Add
Kevin Irish The meaning of the ... Add
Kevon English Variant of Kevin, ... Add
Keyon Unknown Possibly a variant ... Add
Kezia Hebrew A powdered, fragra ... Add
Khadijah Arabic Variant spelling o ... Add
Khalid Arabic "Undying" or "eter ... Add
Khalil Arabic "Friend." Add
Khloe English Variant of Chloe, ... Add
Kian Gaelic A variant of the n ... Add
Kiana Gaelic Feminine variant o ... Add
Kiana Unclear One authority clai ... Add
Kianna Irish From the Gaelic na ... Add
Kiara Irish Variant of the nam ... Add
Kiarra English Variant of the Iri ... Add
Kiefer German From a German surn ... Add
Kiera Irish Feminine version o ... Add
Kieran Irish Variant of the nam ... Add
Kiersten Greek & Latin Variant of the Sca ... Add
Kiley Irish Possibly a variant ... Add
Killian Gaelic Variant of the Iri ... Add
Kim English Abbreviation of th ... Add
Kimberlee English Kimberlee is a var ... Add
Kimberley Old English From the Old Engli ... Add
Kimberly English Derived from Lord ... Add
Kimberly English The name Kimberly ... Add
Kingsley Old English Originally a surna ... Add
Kingston Old English Kingston is an Old ... Add
Kinta Native American A Native American ... Add
Kira Greek A Russian, feminin ... Add
Kirby Old Norse Kirby is an Old No ... Add
Kirk Old Norse "Church". Add
Kirsten Latin Scandinavian form ... Add
Kirstin Greek A variant of Chris ... Add
Kitty English Variant of the nam ... Add
Kobe African The name of an Afr ... Add
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There are 237 baby names which begin with the letter K.

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