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Baby Names Meanings Starting With K - page 6

Name Origin Meaning


Koby English Alternate spelling ... Add
Kodi Irish Kodi is a variant ... Add
Kodi Irish Kodi is an alterna ... Add
Kody Gaelic Variant of the nam ... Add
Kofi African "Born on Friday." ... Add
Kohinoor Persian The meaning of the ... Add
Kolby English Variant of Colby. Add
Koldo Basque Koldo is a short v ... Add
Koldobika Basque The name Koldobika ... Add
Kolton English Appears to be a al ... Add
Konner Gaelic Alternate spelling ... Add
Konnor English Variant of Connor, ... Add
Konstantin Latin Konstantin is a va ... Add
Korbin English Variant of Corbin, ... Add
Kordell English Alternate spelling ... Add
Korey English Variant of the Gae ... Add
Krista Latin Abbreviation of Kr ... Add
Kristen Latin Feminine form of t ... Add
Kristi Latin Kristi is a nickna ... Add
Kristian Greek, Latin A variant of the G ... Add
Kristin Greek & Latin A Scandinavian, fe ... Add
Kristina Latin Variant of the nam ... Add
Kristine Latin Scandinavian varia ... Add
Kristoffer Greek Scandinavian form ... Add
Kristopher Greek Variant of the Gre ... Add
Krystal Greek Variant of the Gre ... Add
Kurt Germanic Contraction of the ... Add
Kurtis Old French Variant of Curtis, ... Add
Kyla Gaelic Feminine form of t ... Add
Kylan Irish Probably a variant ... Add
Kyle Gaelic A place name refer ... Add
Kylee Aboriginal A variant of the n ... Add
Kyleigh English Alternate spelling ... Add
Kyler Unclear Meaning unknown. Add
Kylie Australia Boomerang. Also th ... Add
Kyra Greek Feminine English f ... Add
Kyran Irish & English Variant of the nam ... Add
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There are 237 baby names which begin with the letter K.

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