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Baby Names Meanings Starting With P - page 1

Name Origin Meaning


Pablo Latin Spanish form of th ... Add
Pacey French The name Pacey is ... Add
Paco Spanish Pet form of Franci ... Add
Padraig Irish Irish form of the ... Add
Paige French Variant of the Fre ... Add
Paisley Scottish Derived from the n ... Add
Paisley Scottish The name Paisley c ... Add
Paloma Spanish "Dove" or "pigeon. ... Add
Pamela Greek Possibly derived f ... Add
Pansy French The flower name, u ... Add
Panyin African "Elder of twins." ... Add
Paola Latin In Italian and Spa ... Add
Paris Greek A name adopted fro ... Add
Paris Greek In Greek mythology ... Add
Parker Old French Parker is derived ... Add
Parker Old French Parker means "park ... Add
Parsifal German Germanic form of P ... Add
Patience Latin Derived from a Lat ... Add
Patricia Latin The name Patricia ... Add
Patrick Latin The name Patrick i ... Add
Paul Latin The meaning of the ... Add
Paula Latin Feminine version o ... Add
Paulina Latin Feminine form of t ... Add
Pauline Latin Pauline is a femin ... Add
Paxton Old English Transferred surnam ... Add
Payton English A place name meani ... Add
Payton English Payton is a varian ... Add
Pearl Latin Taken from the nam ... Add
Pedro Greek Spanish and Portug ... Add
Peggy Sue English A combination name ... Add
Penelope Greek Some authorities c ... Add
Percy English Short form of the ... Add
Peregrine Latin A name of Latin or ... Add
Perla Spanish Spanish and Italia ... Add
Perry Latin, Old English An abbreviation of ... Add
Persis Greek "Woman from Persia ... Add
Pete English Nickname for the G ... Add
Peter Greek The meaning of the ... Add
Petronilla Latin Feminine form of a ... Add
Peyton English A variant of the n ... Add
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There are 68 baby names which begin with the letter P.

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