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Baby Names Meanings Starting With T - page 2

Name Origin Meaning


Tarik Arabic Alternate spelling ... Add
Tarina English Extension of the n ... Add
Tariq Arabic Means "night visit ... Add
Tarver Old English Old English name, ... Add
Tate Middle English Cheerful. Add
Tatiana Latin Russian form of Ta ... Add
Tatianna Latin Tatianna is a vari ... Add
Tatum Old English Derived from a pla ... Add
Tavion English Variant of Tavon. ... Add
Tavon English A name of modern c ... Add
Taya Russian Taya is a variant ... Add
Tayler English Alternate spelling ... Add
Taylor Middle English The name Taylor, w ... Add
Taylor Middle English Taylor comes from ... Add
Teagan Gaelic The meaning of the ... Add
Teagan Irish Derived from the n ... Add
Teal Middle English The name of a smal ... Add
Ted English, Greek Ted is either an a ... Add
Teddy English Abbreviation of th ... Add
Tennyson English Literally, means " ... Add
Terell English Variant of the Fre ... Add
Terence Latin The name Terence c ... Add
Teresa Greek A Spanish name whi ... Add
Teri English Abbreviation of th ... Add
Terra Latin Of modern coinage, ... Add
Terrance Latin Variant of the nam ... Add
Terrell Old French Variant of the Old ... Add
Terrence English Variant of the nam ... Add
Terri English Abbreviation of th ... Add
Terry English Abbreviation of Te ... Add
Terry English A variant of the n ... Add
Tess English Abbreviation of Te ... Add
Tessa Greek Nickname for the S ... Add
Tevin English Modern coinage, wi ... Add
Thaddeus Aramaic, Greek The origin is uncl ... Add
Thalassa Greek From the "Greek," ... Add
Thalia Greek "To blossom." Also ... Add
Thana Greek Thana is the femin ... Add
Thane Middle English From the old Engli ... Add
Thea Greek The name Thea is a ... Add
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There are 177 baby names which begin with the letter T.

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