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Baby Names Meanings Starting With T - page 3

Name Origin Meaning


Theo Greek A nickname for the ... Add
Theodora Greek Theodora is the fe ... Add
Theodore Greek Gift from God. Add
Theresa English Variant of the Spa ... Add
Theron Greek Theron is an ancie ... Add
Thomas Greek The name Thomas is ... Add
Thursday English A very rare, day o ... Add
Tia Spanish Pet name for names ... Add
Tiana English Sources disagree o ... Add
Tianna English Recent constructio ... Add
Tiara Greek From the name of t ... Add
Tierra Spanish "Earth". Add
Tiesha English Modern coinage, de ... Add
Tiffanie English Variant of the nam ... Add
Tiffany Greek "Revelation of God ... Add
Tim English Pet form of the na ... Add
Timmy English Abbreviation of th ... Add
Timon Greek Literally means "h ... Add
Timothy Greek The meaning of the ... Add
Tina English Abbreviation taken ... Add
Tinka English Tinka is a pet for ... Add
Tirzah Hebrew The meaning of the ... Add
Titania Latin Titania may be der ... Add
Titus Latin The name Titus is ... Add
Tobey English Alternate spelling ... Add
Tobias Hebrew Derived from the H ... Add
Toby Greek Abbreviation of th ... Add
Todd Old English An Old English ter ... Add
Tom English Abbreviation of th ... Add
Tomas Greek Swedish form of th ... Add
Tommy English Nickname for the G ... Add
Toni English Abbreviation of An ... Add
Tony Latin Nickname for the n ... Add
Tonya English Nickname for Anton ... Add
Topaz Greek Taken from the nam ... Add
Torey English Variant of the nam ... Add
Tori English Nickname for the L ... Add
Torrey Old Norse Torrey is an alter ... Add
Torrey Old Norse Variant of the nam ... Add
Torry Old Norse Torry is an Old No ... Add
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There are 177 baby names which begin with the letter T.

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