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Celebrity Baby Names

Almost everyone is fascinated by celebrities, even if we pretend not to be! And celebrity babies are one of the hottest topics on the web. One reason celebrity babies are so popular – besides the celebrities who have them! – is the fact that some celebs choose really way-out, cutting-edge names for their kids. It's not a new phenomenon – it has been going on at least since Frank Zappa named two of his children Moon Unit and Dweezil in the late 1960s.

While no-one has done a definitive study, it's pretty clear that celebrity babies, as a group, tend to get more "creative" names than their peers. Perhaps it is only in the rarified atmosphere of Beverly Hills or Santa Monica that kids could even get through the school day with names like Bronx Mowgli, Pilot Inspektor, or Sparrow Midnight. Small wonder that adjectives used to describe celebrity baby names often include words like crazy, wacky, strange, stupid, funny, worst, and just plain bad!

The fact is though that we've been tracking celebrity baby names since 2006 (check out past years in our "related links" box), and any annual list of celebrity baby names would show that more often than not, celebrities usually give their babies fairly traditional names, and often serve as trend setters for beautiful names like Ava, Grace, Harlow, and so forth.

In addition to our year-by-year lists of celebrity baby names, we have added thousands more to our database, which is probably the largest of its kind on the internet. Try it out – just enter the name of your favorite celebrity into the search box, below. Whether you love them or hate them, celebrity baby names are a great source of inspiration!

2011 Celebrity Babies (newest first!)

Mother Claim to Fame Father Claim to Fame Baby Name
Sophie Dahl Model Jamie Cullum Singer Lyra
Mieke Dumont Celeb Partner Tom Dumont Musician Koa Thomas
Kristin Dos Santos T. V. Host Joao Dos Santos Celeb Partner Matteo Tomaz
Gretchen Mol Actress Tod Williams Director Winter Morgan
Penny Lancaster Model Rod Stewart Singer Aiden
Melissa Rycroft Reality T.V. Star Tye Strickland Celeb Partner Ava Grace
Lisa Valastro Celebrity Chef Buddy Valastro Celebrity Chef Carlo
Cynthia Nixon Actress Not known Celeb Partner Max Ellington
Jazmin Blais Celeb Partner Richard Blais Chef Embry Lotus
Shelly Brown Celeb Partner Zac Brown Singer Joni Mason
Lorca Cohen Videographer Rufus Wainwright Singer Viva Katherine
Samantha Bryant Publicist Colin Hanks Actor Olivia Jane
Megan Ferguson Art Dealer Craig Ferguson T.V. Host Liam James
Christina Applegate Actress Martyn LeNoble Musician Sadie Grace
Orly Agai Marley Celeb Partner Ziggy Marley Musician Abraham Selassie
Lakiha Spicer Celeb Partner Mike Tyson Boxer Morocco Elijah
Erin Lokitz Actress Tony Kanal Musician Coco Reese Lakshmi
Giovanna Yannotti Actress Kurt Angle Wrestler Giuliana Marie
Doutzen Kroes Model Sunnery James Producer Phyllon
Samantha Harris T. V. Personality Michael Hess Celeb Partner Hillary Madison
Jade Duell Air Marshal Owen Wilson Actor Robert Ford
Miranda Kerr Model Orlando Bloom Actor Flynn
Julianne Morris Actress Kristoffer Polaha Actor Jude

Find Celebrity Baby Names

Enter the name of any celebrity to find their baby's name:

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Celebrity Baby Names Awards
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Celeb Baby Names!

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