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The Book: The Best-Ever Christian Baby Name Book

The Authors: Nick Harrison and Steve Miller

Publication Info: Published April, 2007 by Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, Oregon

Author’s Track Record: Nick Harrison is the author of several books, including Magnificent Prayer; Promises to Keep; His Victorious Indwelling, and 365 WWJD. Steve Miller is the author of One-Minute Promises and One-Minute Praises. With his wife Becky, he co-authored A Child’s Garden of Prayer.

What You Get:

Aimed squarely at the Christian parent market in the United States, the book nonetheless has much to offer parents of any (or no) religious persuasion. More than simply a collection of names, The Best-Ever Christian Baby Name Book is a resource that will help many parents, and particularly Christians, navigate the tricky road of choosing a baby name for a boy or girl.

The authors begin by discussing the significance of names in the Bible, and why the choice of a name is such an important decision for parents. They then provide a number of practical suggestions for choosing a name, including how to come up with a unique baby name without ending up in trouble by the time your child hits grade school.

The main part of the book consists of hundreds of names for boys and girls – the “cream of the crop,” as the authors describe the names. The listing for each name provides a rich amount of information, including origin, meaning, variations, and diminutives. Biblical names are highlighted, and biblical characters who bore those names are often included. It is especially helpful that the authors include citations to the Bible where applicable.

Frequently, the listings include short nuggets of information about notable Christians who bore a particular name, providing an added dimension to the definitions. And finally, interspersed throughout the text are anecdotes from ordinary people, recounting their own individual experiences in choosing baby names. This helpful feature will be reassuring to parents who may be struggling with the process.

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