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Gourmet Baby Names

Hungry for more baby name ideas? Here is a list of culinary classics that will last a lifetime – food-inspired, gourmet baby names that will appeal to serious foodies, passionate cooks, lovers of The Food Network, and just about anyone in search of fresh inspiration for a baby name. And if, as some say, our names influence our destiny, by giving your little one a gourmet baby name, you may just be helping to inspire an Iron Chef of 2035.

We wanted to come up with a list of real food names that translate readily into baby names. Sure, there are plenty of websites out there suggesting so-called food-inspired names, including such improbable stretches as "Jack" (for Colby Jack cheese, get it?) or "Reese" (as in the candy maker). There is even one baby names website that seriously suggests "Tom" as a food-related baby name (ok, we'll tell you why – it's from the 1950s-era cocktail, a "Tom Collins").

But that kind of throwaway suggestion is not our style. We wanted to serve up some names that really do work both ways – both as a recognized baby name and as a food item, spice, or drink. To be honest, coming up with the boys' names was a lot harder! Girls' names, as usual a more diverse group, seem to lend themselves to the food genre, a lot like floral or nature-inspired baby names.

Our list includes ten names each for boys and girls. Some cute girls' names that didn't make the list on the right, but might be to your taste, include Patty, Pepper, and Margarita. And a few girls' names that we really liked, but that didn't quite fit the requirements, included Brie (thanks to "Desperate Housewives"); Apple (thanks to Gwyneth Paltrow), and Coco (thanks to Coco Chanel).

If you have a favorite food-inspired baby name, or a comment on our list, tell us what you think in the comment box below!

Gourmet Baby Names

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