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Guest Interviews

“Baby names” is a topic of interest to many people in many different areas, as well as to prospective parents. It’s always helpful to hear from experts in different fields, each of whom will have a unique view on baby names. “Guest Interviews” brings you interviews with noted experts, and each conversation will cover one or more aspects of baby naming. Click on the titles, below, to read the complete interview.

  • Sci-Fi Baby Names

    Brooklyn-based writer Robert Schnakenberg has just published one of the most original baby name books to come along in a while: Sci-Fi Baby Names. We talked with him recently, to find out just how he came up with such an original concept, whether he thinks sci-fi baby names are here to stay, whether he'll make it onto Larry King, and of course, whether extra-terrestrials might be interested in baby names from earth.

  • The Complete Book of Baby Names

    A conversation with Lesley Bolton, author of The Complete Book of Baby Names, published in October, 2006. In her book, Lesley provides a wealth of information on selecting a baby name, covering such topics as the attributes of a perfect name; what not to name your baby; deciding on a middle name; sibling rivalry, and much more. All this, plus the origins and meanings of 100,001 names!

  • My Name Is... A Series of Books on Children's Names

    In December, 2006 we wrote about an Irish couple who have created a wonderful series of children's name books, based on the top ten baby names in Ireland and Britain. We were so impressed with the concept and the series that we had to find out the story behind it. We asked Dublin-based authors John Gallagher and Eithne Diamond for a guest interview, and they kindly agreed. We're delighted to bring you this interview, and we know that anyone interested in Irish or British baby names will love this unique collection of children's books.

  • Naming Twins and Multiples

    A conversation with Patricia Malmstrom, Founder and President of Twin Services; internationally-known advocate for the improved care of multiples and their families; author of The Art of Parenting Twins, and foremost authority on multiple birth development and care.

  • Biblical Baby Names

    A conversation with Judith Tropea, author of Classic Biblical Baby Names: Timeless Names for Modern Parents. Judith Tropea has also written children's books, including A Day in the Life of a Beekeeper. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and two biblically named sons, Matthew and Daniel.

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