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Irish baby names, drawn from rich Gaelic and Celtic languages full of poetry and romance, are always popular baby names. The term "Irish names" is a broad term, and includes not just those names with their roots in Ireland, but also Irish versions of names from other cultures, and even American versions of Irish names. This list of popular Irish baby names includes all of these types, with an emphasis on original Irish roots and spelling. The pronunciation is included when it seems helpful -- only the native Irish are going to pronounce "Aoibheann" correctly, the first time they encounter this beautiful girl's name! (You'll find the pronunciation below.) If you would like to see more Irish baby names, try using our Advanced Search tool. In the box for "origin" click on "Irish." This will bring up hundreds of Irish names to consider.

Want to dig a little deeper? Check out our article Understanding Irish Baby Names.

Finally, be sure to take a look at our guest interview with Dublin-based writers John Gallagher and Eithne Diamond, authors of the enchanting "My Name Is..." series.

Boy's Names Pronunciation Girl's Names Pronunciation
Aiden Aifric
Brady Ailbhe "al-vuh"
Braiden Aileen
Brendan Aine "awn-ye"
Brian Aisling "ash-ling"
Cathal "ka-hal" Alannah
Cian "kee-in" Aoibheann "eve-een"
Cillian "kill-ee-ann" Aoife "eve"
Colm "col-um" Brianna
Conan Bridget
Conor Brielle
Cormac Caitlin
Daire "di-ree" Caoimhe "kee-va"
Darragh "da-ra" Ciara "kee-ra"
Declan Clodagh "clo-da"
Diarmuid "deer-mid" Colleen
Donncha "done-aka" Deirdre
Eoghan "oh-in" Eabha "ay-va"
Eoin "oh-in" Eimear "ee-mer"
Finn Erin
Keagan Finola
Keenan Grainne "gro-nyuh"
Kevin Kaitlyn
Kian "kee-in" Kathleen
Kieran Kerry
Liam "lee-am" Kiana
Lorcan Kiera
Niall Kiley
Nolan Mairead "maw-raid"
Odhran "o-ran" Moira
Oran "o-ran" Niamh "nee-iv"
Padraig "paw-drig" Orlaithe "or-la"
Patrick Reagan
Rian Roisin "ro-sheen"
Ronan Sadhbe "sah-eev"
Seamus "shay-mus" Shannon
Sean "shawn" Sinead "shin-aid"
Tadhg "tigue" Siobhan "shev-orn"
Tyrone Teagan

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