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Celebrity Names

It’s a well-known fact that in our celebrity-worshipping society, celebrity names can influence the baby names that parents choose. The use of Reese as a girl’s name, for example, barely existed until around the year 2000, when the famous actress Reese Witherspoon put the name on the map. The boy’s name Keanu, today a top 1000 name, did not even exist until actor Keanu Reeves brought this made-up Hawaiian name to eveyone’s attention.

Our list of movie star names reveals one surprise – if you want your daughter to be a successful actress, name her Jennifer! No other single name jumped off the list like Jennifer. Whether it’s Anniston, Connelly, Garner, Hudson, or Lopez, “Jennifers” seem destined for success in the movie world!

But we don’t want to spoil the fun – you can play “match the celebrity names” by guessing which name belongs to which star! It’s a great baby shower game. To play, match a star's last name to the first name. When you're ready to see how you've done, here is the answer sheet.

Movie Star Names

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