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Ten Best Celebrity Baby Names
of 2010

This is the 5th year of our annual list of the best celebrity baby names. We started back in 2006, in what was a banner year for celeb baby names. Remember the excitement around Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for Shiloh Nouvel? Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes for Suri? Britney Spears and Jayden James? Those kids are probably in kindergarten now!

Ten Best Celebrity Baby Names 2010

Time certainly flies, but year in and year out, celebrities continue to come up with baby names that frequently influence popular culture. Sometimes the names that celebrities choose for their kids are way out, (think Bronx Mowgli) and serve just to infuriate most people. But more often, in subtle ways, celebrity baby names are usually just a little ahead of the curve, and actually give us a clue as to which baby names may gain in popularity in the years ahead.

In the ten years since Brooklyn Beckham was named after the New York borough, the popularity of Brooklyn has jumped from around # 200 to # 37 on the list of Top 1000 baby names in the U.S. It's been about ten years since Reese Witherspoon named her daughter Ava, and in that period, the name shot up from # 259 to # 5. And speaking of Britney Spears, the name of her son, Jayden, has moved up the charts from about # 50 to # 8 since he was named. It's impossible to pin down exactly how much influence a particular celebrity baby name wields, but as I gaze over the lists from year to year, it's clear that they play an important role in providing inspiration for parents-to-be.

Moving on to the ten best celebrity baby names of 2010! As in previous years, "best" is a subjective concept -- we look at factors like originality, trendsetting, shock value, weirdest, popularity, elegance, and more. And as always, a tip of the hat to our sister site, Celebrity Baby Names Blog, which in our opinion is the most authoritative source on the internet on this topic, and which provides the background for compiling our annual list.

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