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The Book: The Baby Name Bible

The Authors: Pamela Redmond Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz

Publication Info: Published March, 2007 by St. Martin’s Press, New York

Author’s Track Record: Satran and Rosenkrantz are two of America’s most successful baby name authors, and this book is their tenth baby name book. They began with Beyond Jennifer and Jason… and over the years have extended the “Beyond” brand to include Irish, Jewish, and English baby names, as well as American.

What You Get:

It’s a dictionary-format book, interspersed with panels containing a wide variety of baby name lists, ideas, suggestions, and trivia. The breezy, casual style is a tried-and-true formula from Satran and Rosenkrantz. The Baby Name Bible offers lists like “Cool Biblical Names…” reminiscent of the laid-back approach in their book Cool Names For Babies.

The introduction comes with a list of Top Ten Tips for successful baby naming.

You’ll also find Names from the Movies; Cool Saint’s Names; Names that are Classic but not Boring; Chic French Names; Cool Nickname Names; Names Dads Like More Than Moms; Names Kids Love Having, and so on.

Each letter of the alphabet comes with a list of “Stellar Starbabies” names, which is another way of saying Celebrity Baby Names. Most letters of the alphabet also include one name for which Satran and Rosenkrantz provide international variations.

The listings themselves come with a set of symbols, including the popularity trend, whether or not a name is unisex, and what the authors consider “best bets.” Origins and meanings are included, along with spelling variants.

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