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Top Baby Names 2007

Once Again, Jacob and Emily Top Baby Names for 2007

Update: May 12, 2008.

The Social Security Administration has just released its list of the most popular baby names for 2007. Once again, Jacob and Emily top the list. It's the ninth year in a row for Jacob, and the twelfth year for Emily. But Emily only just beat out the number two girl's name, Isabella. (Our prediction was that Isabella would become number one this year!).

Mostly, the top ten or twenty names for boys and girls remain similar to 2006. The big jumpers are Jayden, for boys, which moved up from 49 to 18, and Addison, for girls, up from 28 to 11. Overall, the list of girls' names was more volatile than boys, in what is now a predictable pattern.

The top boys' names continue to reflect a taste for classical and biblical names, including Jacob, Joshua, Daniel, Andrew, and Matthew.

For girls, the top ten is full of soft-sounding names ending in the letter 'A', including Isabella, Ava, Emma, Sophia, and Olivia. Meanwhile, Alyssa jumped 5 places, from 19 to 14, Alexis, Sarah, and Grace all fell several places, and seem to be slipping from favor. Nevaeh, which is 'heaven' spelled backwards, moved up from 43 to 31, while Gabriella jumped from 50 to 38. Among previously hot names in decline are Jessica (32 to 42); Jennifer (51 to 64); and Megan (60 to 78).

Here is the latest list of the top 100 baby names.

What will be the top baby names of 2007? It's that time of year again, when people start wondering which baby names are in, and which are out, and whether 2007 will see any new baby names rising to the top of the list.

There is still some time to go, of course, and even after 2007 draws to a close, we still have to wait until May of 2008 to find out the official results of the most popular baby names of 2007. But that doesn't stop us from having some fun and making our predictions!

Each year, we like to pick the baby names that we think will be the winners, and 2007 baby names are already starting to take shape.

The girls' names will continue to show a trend toward soft, classic names. The big baby name news of 2007 is that we expect this to be the year that Emily is finally bumped from the top of the list, after a ten year reign, to be replaced by the name Ava. Baby names such as Sophia and Olivia will move up the list, while Abigail and Samantha will slide down. Although it won't make the top ten in 2007, the name Addison will continue to rocket in popularity.

On the boys' side, we expect little change in 2007. Not until 2008 rolls around do we expect to see Jacob lose its # 1 spot. Joseph should recapture its spot in the top ten baby boy's names in 2007, and Anthony may drop out of the top ten. But change is in the wind, even for the boys' names, and by 2008 we think the name Noah will break into the top ten for the first time ever.

So, while we can't guarantee our predictions, here is our best estimate of the ten top baby names of 2007, in order of popularity, for boys and girls. Check back in May of 2008 and see how we did!

Our Predictions For The
Top Baby Names 2007

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