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Unique Girl Names

Parents who are looking for unique girl names have more names to choose from than if they were looking for boys' names. Simply put, girls' names are more diverse than boys', and there is probably a larger pool of good-sounding names to draw from on the girls' side of the fence.

In recent data from the U. S. Social Security Administration, the Top 10 girls' names in the country accounted for just over 150,000 female babies, while the Top 10 boys' names were shared by 180,000 boys. It's a significant difference, and the upshot is that unique baby girl names are probably a bit more socially acceptable.

To be clear, this list of unique girl names falls a little short of being truly unique. It could hardly be otherwise. To come up with a name that is absolutely unique, you would have to make it up. We think that most parents, if pressed, would agree that what they are looking for in a unique baby girl name is one that manages to mix distinction and originality with signficance and meaning.

That is something of a balancing act, so we established some criteria about what qualifies as a unique name.

First, we aimed to create a list of unique girl names that are rooted in culture and language, even if that culture is as recent as the last decade or so. We look for names with a sense of origin and meaning, so while it may not be a completely unique baby girl name, each name on our list has a story and a tradition that means something to the girl who will wear the name for her entire life, and to the ones who bestow the name on her.

It follows that we steer away from "made-up" names which sometimes are little more than scrambled letters. Anyone can play Scrabble – coming up with a name for a real person calls for a bit more involvement on the part of the name-giver. So, on this list of unique baby girl names, you won't find made-up names such as Jelinda, Rosene, or Tammytha, which, while certainly unique, are not going to work for the vast majority of parents.

Finally, for the most part, we leave the trend of twisting an existing name to its breaking point to others. This rules out the Madecynne, Madasun, Maddysone phenomenon that has recently enjoyed increased popularity. But occasionally, we do include a known variant of an established name, if the variant has "unique" qualities and is otherwise appealing.

On the list to the right, there are some forty girls' names that have unique and individual qualities. Hopefully the majority of the names you won't recognize. But they are "real" names because they are rooted in a language and culture, regardless of whether they originated last year or in millenia past.

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We strive to bring you the most authoritative meanings for the names listed. We have drawn our lists from a variety of sources.
If you know an alternate meaning for any name, please , and we'll check it out.

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