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Unisex Baby Names 2007

UPDATE: For the latest information, please visit our unisex baby names page.

The name Jordan continues to be America's favorite unisex baby name, based on an analysis of the most recent statistics, for the year 2007. While Jordan's popularity ranking as a girls' name slipped slightly, to # 100, it is still the only name in America to be a top 100 choice for both boys and girls. (It is # 45 in popularity among boys).

Meanwhile, four new names became unisex baby names since our last review two years ago: Emery, Jaylen, Kamryn, and Lyric.

On the other hand, nine names have shed their unisex status. Campbell, Guadalupe, Kennedy, Shannon, and Shea are now all primarily female names, while Drew, Ashton, Devon, and Devin have become solidly male.

The downward overall trend in unisex, or androgynous names, observed since 1995, continues. As of 2007, a total of 59 names out of the top 1000 U.S. names are unisex. (In our definition, a baby name is unisex if it shows up for both boys and girls in the top 1000). This represents a net decline of five names since 2005, when the top 1000 list included 64 unisex names. This decline continues a decade-long shrinking, from 1995 to 2005, when there was a drop of more than 20% in the number of androgynous baby names.

The top ten American unisex baby names are largely unchanged from 2005, with Jaden slipping to # 11, while Hayden, powered by a surge in popularity among girls, becomes the seventh most-popular unisex name.

An interesting aspect of unisex baby names is the effect of variant spellings. Frequently, the exact variant spelling of a name determines whether it is a unisex name or not. For example, Reese is a unisex name, but its variant spelling, Reece, is clearly male. Bailey is a unisex name, while Baylee is strictly female. Ariel is unisex, but Arielle is female. However, this is not always the case -- the names Riley and Rylee are both unisex names.

The name Jayden is the androgynous name with the largest number of unisex variants, including Jaden, Jadyn, Jaiden, and Jaidyn.

The following table provides the latest unisex baby names in the United States as of the year 2007 -- a total of 59 names, including 47 names that are unique, and 12 variant spellings.

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