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Unusual Baby Names

Our list of unusual baby names comes from suggestions made by visitors to our site. When we can’t find the name in one of our many baby name references, it gets added to the list of unusual names.

The list below isn’t all inclusive (we get hundreds of unusual name suggestions) but these are some of our favorites. In many cases, it’s easy to see the inspiration for a name: the name Blessita comes from the word blessed; Beckham probably comes from soccer star David Beckham; and Detroit comes from the name of the city.

Some unusual names are a unique spelling of an existing name: Emme, Jadeyn, and Domnic are examples. Other unusual names were added to the list because we liked the way they rolled off the tongue: Emmalina is a very feminine-sounding name for a girl; and Juton sounds like a strong name for a boy.

We put names in the boys' or girls' lists, based on the sound of the name, but feel free to switch names between genders. If you love the name Juton, and you’re having a baby girl, go for it!

When you're looking for really unusual baby names for boys or girls, consider one of the names shown below. We can almost guarantee that there won’t be another child in his or her kindergarten class with the same name!

If you have a name that you think should be added to the list, please contact us and let us know.

Unusual Names

Boy's Names Girl's Names
Agus Akeisha
Akasha Aliana
Alfe Antonela
Aslin Arhianna
Assasi Aveen
Autzen Azlynn
Beckham Blessita
Caelen Bluebelle
Caillou Chardonnay
Daxen Chartreuse
Detroit Clarencia
Domnic Cranberry
Dresdin Cresenthia
Dunagan Cynrae
Graeden Edessa
Guilluame Emmalina
Hardock Emme
Izaiack Evi
Joneigh Freiya
Juton Grelyn
Kahlen Ileisha
Kais Irelynn
Kerren Isela
Kianu Izis
Kie Jadeyn
Kieryn Jaeliah
Kinley Jalyn
Kolbie Jara
Kyies Jewellah
Locadio Keela
Matthais Mahrissa
Mic Marharet
Milagro Narjisa
Naushad Nikith
Neem Racheline
Pharrell Roshunda
Phinnaeus Shasmeen
Rommel Shayaan
Shalin Steffiona
Shanton Teyla
Slayter Thadra
Tallyn Trinetty
Tao Valanor
Taygen Viane
Vadin Vivie
Valin Wednesday
Viju Yaritza
Winsen Yuna
Zamari Zaylie

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We strive to bring you the most authoritative meanings for the names listed. We have drawn our lists from a variety of sources.
If you know an alternate meaning for any name, please , and we'll check it out.

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