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What Does My Name Mean?

All of us love to know "what is the meaning of my name"? We have several different ways to answer that question on our site, and one of the most fun ways is to see what this widget says! If you're wondering "what does my name mean," just go ahead and enter your name in the box, and click "submit."

The best part about this widget is that you can easily grab the code and place it on your own site, or blog, and let your friends and visitors have fun with it as well. Everyone loves to play the "what does my name mean" quiz.

There's no doubt that the biggest question people have about their names is what they mean. Certainly, people ask "how popular is my name, " and "how common is my name," as well as "what is the origin of my name"? But more than anything, it is the "meaning" that people are most curious about.

When you're looking for the meaning of your name, it's important to be able to rely on the source you're checking. Here on Baby Names Garden, we triple check our sources to make sure we're providing you with the correct information. Of course, the meaning of names isn't always crystal clear, having been handed down from generation to generation. But we strive very hard to bring you accurate information, and we update our database of name definitions with new information as and when we discover it. So if you need to know "what does my name mean?", we want you to know that you can find the answer here!

Plug in some names, and see the definitions right away. After you've answered "what is the meaning of my name," feel free to grab the code by clicking on the blue button, above, and you're welcome to install it anywhere on the web! On your website, if you own one, or on your blog. Your friends and visitors will have tons of fun with it also!

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We strive to bring you the most authoritative meanings for the names listed. We have drawn our lists from a variety of sources.
If you know an alternate meaning for any name, please , and we'll check it out.

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