Some Unique Baby Name Suggestions

Unique person with unique nameEvery day we get baby name ideas from visitors to our site. They are fascinating to read — many are unique and creative names, although some are unlikely to hit the mainstream anytime soon! These name suggestions are an important window into contemporary naming culture.

Visitors to our site frequently suggest baby names that aren’t in the database (yet). Usually  these names fall into the category of “unique baby names.” I think from time to time it’s fun to share some of these suggestions. Maybe one of these names will be just the inspiration that you’re looking for!

I’ve split the most recent batch into two groups — those where I know the name is currently in use (because the person suggesting it told us so) and those where I don’t know whether the name belongs to the writer, or whether it’s still just an idea. The letter after the name denotes whether it’s a boy’s name or a girl’s name. Sometimes there is no indication.

One of the interesting features of these suggested names is that they seem to be primarily girls’ names. This correlates with the fact that girls’ names, as a group, tend to be more diverse, and more prone to following the latest naming fashions.

Actual Names

Heavenly Heavenleigh (g)
Graten (b)
Tirynn (b)
Tilette (g)
Dilara (g)
Eseriah (b)
Kambriea (g)
Sashabelle (g)
Telisa (g)
Taleighia (g)
Jeselle (g)
Aston  (b)
Kashka (g)

Maybe Just Ideas!

ShyAnne (g)
Sadie-Rose (g)
Maleika (g)

My thoughts on the above?

I’m not a fan of most of the “actual” names (no offense!) — some of them seem “forced.” I don’t mind the last three in that group: Jeselle, Ashton, and Kashka.

In the group that may or may not be actual names right now — I actually like a few of these! I think Cadrean sounds Gaelic, Preslie is very cute, and Kason very “now.” Soyer is pretty funny, Zella and Maleika are both unique and contemporary.  I love Sadie-Rose. But please — don’t name your baby girl ShyAnne. Some puns just aren’t meant to be!

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