Top Canadian Baby Names, 2010

Canadian boys with painted faceI enjoy browsing top baby name charts from other countries outside the United States.  It’s fun to see the names that parents around the world are choosing. It’s also interesting to see if foreign parents are selecting their country’s traditional names, or if they are following the same trendy bandwagon as other English-speaking nations.

I was happy to see that Today’s Parent of Canada has put together a new list of top baby names from north of the border. Apparently, the central Canadian government is not on top of its national baby names results in the same way that the U. S. Social Security Administration is, so it’s nice to see Today’s Parent step into the gap and pull all this Canadian data together. According to Today’s Parent, the information on birth registrations and baby names had to be pulled from provincial and territorial agencies around Canada.

Top 25 Baby Names in Canada, 2010
Rank Girls Boys
1 Emma Ethan
2 Emily, Emilie, Emilee Jacob, Jakob
3 Olivia Nathan, Nathon
4 Sofia, Sophia William
5 Sara, Sarah Alexander, Alexandre
6 Ava Noah
7 Maya, Mayah, Mia, Mya Matthew, Mathew, Mathieu
8 Hanna, Hannah Samuel
9 Chloe, Chloé, Kloé, Kloe, Cloe Benjamin
10 Abigail, Abigaile, Abagael, Abagail, Abbagaele, Abbagail, Abbigail, Abbigayle, Abegael Lucas, Lukas
11 Madisen, Madison, Maddison, Madisyn, Maydyson Joshua, Joshuwa
12 Isabela, Isabella, Izabella Gabriel
13 Sophie, Sofie Liam
14 Ella Logan, Loggan, Loghan
15 Elisabeth, Elizabeth Nicolas, Nicholas, Nikolas
16 Hailey, Hayley, Haylea, Haylie, Hayleigh, Haylee Ryan
17 Julia Daniel
18 Lili, Lilli, Lillie, Lilly, Lily Owen
19 Grace Thomas
20 Alyssa, Allysa, Alissa, Alysa Evan
21 Charlotte Jaden, Jadyn, Jaiden, Jayden
22 Victoria Jack
23 Megan, Megane, Meghan Aidan, Aiden, Ayden
24 Lea, Leah Adam
25 Samantha Alex, Alexis

I like how Today’s Parent lumped together the variant spellings of single names into one listing (eg, Sara & Sarah). Although this is not the practice in the U.S.,  nor of the corresponding U.K. registrar, the practice is, in fact, a more accurate method for measuring popularity.

On the Canadian chart, for example, there 9 variants of Abigail! If these variants were not lumped together, it’s quite possible that no example of that name would show up in the Top 25. Yet when they are lumped together, you can see the enormous popularity of Abigail — along with the creative name-coining talent of Canadian parents!

In some instances, the chart ishows the English and French versions of a name (Emilie, for example, is the French form of the feminine name Emily). But interestingly, when the French and English versions do not match up very closely (William & Guillaume, for example) then the author of the chart did not lump the names together.

As far as traditional Canadian baby names are concerned, the list shows that our northern neighbors, for the most part, are following the typical trends across the English-speaking world.

The usual suspects are all there at the top: Emily and Ethan, Emma and Jacob, Olivia and Alexander. But the list is not completely in lockstep with the U.S.   A few names fairly high on the list, including Lucas, Nathan, Samuel, Hannah, and Liam, are more prominent in Canada than  in the U.S. currently. Still, it is pretty much a homogenized list, one that seems barely distinguishable from their southern neighbors, or from the U.K. Even the various creative spellings of names like Madison and Hailey, for example, seem to follow a well-worn groove.

We live, it seems, in a totally-wired global village. When Emma and Ethan are hot, they’re hot everywhere that English is spoken.

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