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Jack and Grace Top 2007 Baby Name Lists In England And Wales

I’m not sure how they figured these numbers out before the end of the calendar year, but according to the U.K.’s Office of National Statistics, the top baby names of 2007 in England and Wales were Jack and Grace. Jack … Continue reading

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Top 2007 Baby Names

The media is paying a lot of attention to the predictions for top baby names of 2007 from, but I think BabyCenter (or at least their readers) have it wrong. The BabyCenter annual list predicts Sophia will be the … Continue reading

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Exotic Baby Names — The New Book

A new baby name book hits the shelves — or at least the virtual stores — on December 5. Titled The Best Exotic Baby Names, it’s a 168 page paperback stuffed with exotic baby names from around the world. (Does … Continue reading

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Pilgrim Baby Names

I did a post recently about Pilgrim baby names, and now that it’s almost Thanksgiving, I thought it would be fun to see what kinds of names the original Mayflower settlers brought with them. As I mentioned in that post, … Continue reading

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Atlanta Loves Cute Baby Names

I came across one of those reports recently that tells you what search terms are hot on the internet, and I was surprised to see “cute baby names” on the list. I know people search for “unique baby names,” and … Continue reading

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Hi, My Name Is Brooklyn, And I’m From … Brooklyn

The recent release of the most popular baby names of 2006 by the New York City Health Department continues to spark interest. The New York Daily News just got a hold of it, and figured out that the name Brooklyn … Continue reading

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