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Top Canadian Baby Names, 2010

I enjoy browsing top baby name charts from other countries outside the United States.  It’s fun to see the names that parents around the world are choosing. It’s also interesting to see if foreign parents are selecting their country’s traditional … Continue reading

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19th Century Vice President’s Names

I know, it’s President’s Day, and everyone is writing about President this, President that. I thought — hey, what about  the poor Veeps? Don’t they get a day? Well, not yet they don’t. But in the meantime, I’d like to … Continue reading

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The Story of the Name Isabella

Wikipedia lists no less than 21 Queen Isabellas — an astonishing number. From Isabella of Hainault, the 12th-century queen of King Philip II of France, to the 19th-century Queen Isabella II of Spain, it is no exaggeration to say that … Continue reading

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Some Unique Baby Name Suggestions

Every day we get baby name ideas from visitors to our site. They are fascinating to read — many are unique and creative names, although some are unlikely to hit the mainstream anytime soon! These name suggestions are an important … Continue reading

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Biblical Boys’ Names Making a Comeback

Following on from last Friday’s post about the revival of classic girls’ names, today’s post looks at boys’ names that fit the same category — traditional or classic names that were popular about a century ago, lost their luster mid-century, … Continue reading

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Classic Revivals: Traditional Girls’ Names Back in Vogue

In the world of baby names, there are at least three types of “classic” or traditional baby names: those that never went out of style (think Elizabeth, or Katherine); names that used to be wildly popular, but are now out … Continue reading

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